The Two Village Idiots & One Small Adventure

Meet Rich.

This is Rich.

He likes doing dumb things.  Like 100 mile mountain bike races.  And modeling  his goatee-like facial hair while starring in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Rich starring as Jack Sparrow.

Ok, well the first one is true.  The second one might be too. I mean, I saw it on the internet.  But I digress…

What Rich really digs is suffering…with a little sprinkle of adventure thrown in.  See, this is the proper usage of the word sprinkle.  Many people try to use the word sprinkle to describe those thin chocolate or rainbow colored pieces of confectionary goodness that you put on ice cream.  However, those are actually called jimmies.  Don’t argue it.  If you are from New England, you know what I mean.  And don’t argue with New Englanders; we are always right.

Jimmies, people. They’re jimmies.

Sprinkles can be used to describe all other shapes of ice cream paraphenalia, and also how Rich likes his adventure.  Oh yeah, right, Rich…

So, as I mentioned, Rich likes to do what some people would call “idiotic” things.  These idiotic things aren’t at all idiotic to Rich, he enjoys them and enjoys the little bit of suffering that comes along with them.  Unfortunately, Rich can’t do idiotic things all day long; he has a day job, like the rest of us.  So, Rich has to get his idiotic jollies on the weekends or on his vacation, just like everyone else.

He’s more than just a weekend warrior.

Meet Josh.

Ready to conquer the world of adventure.

Josh is dancing around the room flailing his long lanky arms yelling, “Yes! We gotta get the bags. We gotta get the bags. We’re PAAAACKING!!!!” Yes, Josh loves adventure. No, it’s not a special day. It’s any given day for us.

Packing time

Just like Rich, as it turns out, Josh likes doing dumb things too.  Like multi-day mountain bike stage races.  Or 100 mile mountain bike races on a single speed bicycle. Or bushwhacking through the woods when trails end…you get the idea.

Taking a…er….break…on the trail

So one day, six or so years ago, the two idiots meet.  It was like bowling balls colliding. The two idiots worked similar 9-5 jobs at Giant Bicycles, but on different coasts.  Josh on the west coast, Rich on the east.  They’d see each other at company events every few months, and inevitably, some pedals would be pushed, and some pints would be drained.

What? You expect us to provide evidence??

Fast forward several years and Rich has moved on to work at Stan’s NoTubes, slinging the finest wheels on the planet, while Josh has moved back east and is plotting East coast domination for Giant Bicycles.  These two rekindled their, er, idiocy, when Josh and his teammate Jackie were looking for some support for the gnarly, 8 day, 800 km, mountain bike shred fest known as the Cape Epic in South Africa.

Cape Epic, in which Josh, Jackie, their Giant bikes and Stan’s NoTubes wheels all performed flawlessly, happened to spark the idiot trigger somewhere in the back of Rich’s brain.  Upon Josh’s return from the Realm of Radness known as South Africa, Rich called Josh to say “Hey, so I think I have an idea that might align with where you’re headed with Roam Life”.


“You see”, Rich said, “we both like to do these long mountain bike events and we both are kind of idiots about it. What if we started to film our suffering and making a TV show or something?”

“Suffer fest? I’m in.”

“You had me at suffering,” Josh said, “I’m in.”

So let’s recap: 2 idiots (Josh and Rich).  A couple of bikes, adventure, and dumb things.  They like doing long rides and races.  So where do we go from here?  Wait, let’s look up at the title again, what does it say? “The Two Village Idiots & One Small Adventure.”  Oh right, the small adventure part.

Adventure calls. The idiots respond.

Ok, well the two idiots started bantering about various dumb trips to get lost on.  An 8-10 day epic slog deep into the wilds of Northeastern Canada came up.  How about 5 days at the Pisgah Stage Race in North Carolina?  What about a mixed moto/mtb session?  While these were all very valient ideas and are trips they will very likely do in the future, the two idiots made a smart decision (wait, that CAN’T be right) by agreeing to walk before they run and figure out if they know how to run a camera on a 2 day trip prior to venturing off into unknown lands only to F everything up.  What can go wrong in 2 days?

– Josh