Roam Life: Presenter Series

Learning to Roam Life From Those You Meet Along the Way

Josh Fonner and Christine Perigen are self-proclaimed roamers. Nomadic in nature and both having found the freedom of life on the road and on their bicycles individually, they come together to launch Roam Life ( Josh explains the purpose of Roam Life through conversation, “So many people say to me, ‘You’re so lucky to go there.’” My response, “It’s not luck. It’s purpose. Anyone can do it. Anyone can go.”

Josh shares the philosophy of Roam Life through the stories of those he’s met on the road. He hopes that sharing the stories of those he encounters inspires those admiring his adventuresome nature to aspire to change their own lives.

Roam Life is about inspiring adventure in your daily life. In the Roam Life Presenter Series, we’ll be bringing you stories about amazing people doing amazing things to help you realize your own adventure story.


Whether your idea of adventure is going beyond the five block radius around your house, venturing over to the next town, or exploring the far flung reaches of the planet, we want to help you get there.”

For more information about Roam Life, Christine, and Josh or to schedule an interview, call Christine at 914.584.8760 or email at [email protected]