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Pedaling the Planet: A Story from Kapp to Cape

by Christine Fonner | November 6, 2014 Reza Pakravan finished the Kapp to Cape cycling adventure in November 2013. Currently working on a book to tell the adventure, I caught up with Reza to ask him about what it is like to ride the length of the planet. Literally. With his partner, Steven Pawley, Reza […]

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Swiftwick Wins South Africa

Christine Fonner | June 21, 2014 My Love for Swiftwick Runs Deep About a year ago, I started exclusively only wearing Swiftwick socks. It wasn’t a conscious decision – they were just more comfortable so when I would look in the sock bin and eye all the sock options, I inevitably would pick up a pair […]

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Noel Knecht Shares Survival and Adventures

 September 20, 2012 Meet Noel Knecht, a 10-year cancer survivor, fashion merchandiser, marathon runner, soon to be Half Ironman finisher, and the only woman and only cancer survivor to ride every year in Tour de Pink since it’s inception in 2004.  Noel has cycled and explored destinations all over the world and is one of […]

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The Two Village Idiots: This Sh*t Just Got Real

  So why am I doing this trip? It is a question I often get asked. The real question, though, is why do any trip? I mean, most of us are content with going throughout our days in the creature comforts we have become accustomed to. We get to know the people that have come […]

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Roam Your Soul Workshop

Roam Your Soul was an amazing experience for me. It was incredibly heartwarming to share such personal explorations with such sincere and insightful women. I was greatly encouraged to challenge myself and push my boundaries, and the rewards were immediately tangible. As a group, I felt that we all connected emotionally, expanded mentally, and grew […]

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Dirt Rag’s DirtFest 2012 (or, how I broke my foot riding my bike)

By Christine Perigen At 30 years old, I thought my days of being piggy-backed as a mode of transportation were over. Turns out, I was wrong. In the last hour of the last day at Dirt Rag’s DirtFest, I found myself hanging on to the back of Richie Rich while he sprinted down the trail […]

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A 2014 Olympic Hopeful: Kimber Gabryszak

Amazing Women Doing Amazing Things: Website: Kimber is an athlete that has a natural yet friendly determination to be the best. Whether it’s mountain biking, skeleton racing, or her newest hobby, curling (yes, curling!), Kimber quickly becomes competitive.  What I found interesting about Kimber is that she has tried all of these sports based […]

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The Two Village Idiots & One Small Adventure

Meet Rich. He likes doing dumb things.  Like 100 mile mountain bike races.  And modeling  his goatee-like facial hair while starring in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Ok, well the first one is true.  The second one might be too. I mean, I saw it on the internet.  But I digress… What Rich […]

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Life, Lemons, & Laughter with C.J. Feehan

Amazing Women Doing Amazing Things: Website: I met C.J. in a ski mountain lodge with decent food and great beer. She came in loud with big hugs, which is how C.J. operates pretty much every day. She has an endless supply of in-your-face stories and always has something exciting, interesting, or weird going on. Last […]

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Share Your Story

Your story is unique and inspiring. Roam Life is about creating a community of inspired adventurers around the world. Through sharing our stories with one another, we’re able to provide guidance, advice, experience, and inspiration to people from all around the world. Help others start THEIR adventures by sharing YOUR adventure story. You may just […]

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