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Perfect Pair: Gates Carbon Drive & Bronto Bikes

Josh Fonner | December 21, 2014 I’m a bike dork.  There I said it…I’ve had the pleasure of riding some of the most amazing bikes in the industry: carbon, ti, steel, full squish, rigid, you name it.  Despite all the amazing technology out there, it never ceases to amazing me that the piece of the […]

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Mountain Biker to Moto Head

Jason Fenton | November 9, 2014 My name is J. I am a trail builder and bike shop owner. I have been immersed from head to toe in the bicycle world for 30 years. This is a story about how I fell in love with a different kind of bike, an orange bike from Austria […]

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Becoming a Minimalist: A How-To Guide

By Christine Fonner | December 4, 2013 My dad had this habit of calling me Imelda Marcos growing up. I had a thing for shoes. And handbags. And cute jackets. I converted a bedroom into a big closet and I filled it up. After four years of living to work rather than working to live, I had […]

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Snow in the Adirondacks

by Brian Wittmer | November 12, 2013 Yesterday morning, while I was stacking wood for my father, I was feeling rather glum. My father just had hernia surgery so it is up to me to get the firewood this year. Add this to working my butt off day in and day out to make some […]

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Unchained Cyclist: Adventures with Geoff Harper

by Christine Perigen | October 18, 2013 Geoff Harper is one of those adventurers that feeds off the challenge of the adventure itself. Traveling can be overwhelming for some people. Not for Geoff. In fact, he goes out of his way to find the more difficult ways to experience a new land. Like traversing Iceland’s South […]

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Liv/giant Team Shorts (Black/Purple)

By Isabel Suppé As I travel across the United States on my bicycle, I am finding the trendy Liv/giant cycling shorts  are a perfect match for my female curves. Super light and thin, they brought me great relief while cycling through sun-scorched Eastern Washington in seething hot  July weather. Since I had  had bad experiences […]

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Trans Iowa V9: Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise

Paul LaCava | May 17th, 2013 Trying to digest and document the feelings and emotions of the following story and put them into words are hard. I am still sorting them out, and re-living the experience in my head, but taken outside of the element and delusional state of mind when they came about, certain […]

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Isabel Suppe: Climbing Past the Impossible

by Christine Perigen | March 20, 2013 Isabel Suppé is no dweller. She doesn’t dwell on the negative. She doesn’t dwell on the past. And she sure doesn’t dwell in one place too long. Optimistic, reflective, and full of hilarious stories, it’s no wonder Isabel has picked up motivational speaking. She can turn the most terrifying, […]

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ChicoBag Sling rePETe Tourmaline

by Christine Perigen The Roam Life Team recently went on a cycling adventure in Taiwan. While searching for rental bicycles, the ChicoBag Sling rePETe Tourmaline came in really handy. I am a very light packer. I never carry a purse or wallet or bag or…well anything but my passport and credit card while traveling. I threw […]

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Vagabond on a Bike: Keepin’ it Real with Drew Edsall

 by Christine Perigen | January 16, 2013 Drew Edsall is an understated guy that should be over-stated. He works hard at being good at what he does and it makes him really good at stuff. Drew has incredible work ethic and for every race he’s won he’s spent ten times as long preparing for it. From […]

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