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Reza Pakravan - Header

Pedaling the Planet: A Story from Kapp to Cape

Posted By Admin

by Christine Fonner | November 6, 2014 Reza Pakravan finished the Kapp to Cape cycling adventure in November 2013. Currently working on a book to tell the adventure, I caught up with Reza to ask him about what it is like to ride the length of the planet. Literally. With his partner, Steven Pawley, Reza […]

Jan 25,2015No Comments
Josh Fonner - Header

Perfect Pair: Gates Carbon Drive & Bronto Bikes

Posted By Admin

Josh Fonner | December 21, 2014 I’m a bike dork.  There I said it…I’ve had the pleasure of riding some of the most amazing bikes in the industry: carbon, ti, steel, full squish, rigid, you name it.  Despite all the amazing technology out there, it never ceases to amazing me that the piece of the […]

Dec 22,2014No Comments
Jason Fenton - Header

Mountain Biker to Moto Head

Posted By Admin

Jason Fenton | November 9, 2014 My name is J. I am a trail builder and bike shop owner. I have been immersed from head to toe in the bicycle world for 30 years. This is a story about how I fell in love with a different kind of bike, an orange bike from Austria […]

Dec 22,2014No Comments